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Love the Idea of Camping Out in a Van? Find Out What You Need to Know to Get Started

Whether you have always wanted to enjoy an extended trip from one fascinating place to another in a cosy campervan, or you simply want an escape from your regular house to a semi-mobile one parked by the roadside, you want your van converted to a camper and are ready to get on with it. Or almost ready.

It is easy to let yourself drown in pictures after pictures of cosy campervans and luxury campervans, daydreaming about what your own van will look like when it’s ready, but daydreaming doesn’t automatically become reality with the snap of a finger. You need a couple of very important questions answered if you must achieve your dream.

What will it cost to convert your van?

One of the first concerns on your mind should be the amount you ought to budget for your project. What you end up spending on your van to camper conversion depends on the materials you use and whether or not you are doing a full conversion or a part conversion.

You might decide to get common materials from home shops instead of getting them from a campervan or motorhome store to save you some money. You might decide you want only a kitchenette and a sitting area instead of a full unit including a sleeping area. Another factor that will affect the cost is whether you DIY your campervan conversion or outsource it. A full conversion by a campervan conversion company may cost you anywhere between £6,000 to above £7,000, but of course, it can go way higher depending on your personal preference.

What will you need to buy to convert your van?

There is a long list of items to purchase if you want to convert your van to a camper but first, you should check with legal authorities to find out if there are any government regulations regarding making your conversion safe and legal. Once that is out of the way, you’ll need to start with the essentials such as wiring, insulation, and windows for ventilation. You also have to pay for roof fitting and finishing, seats, beds, plugs and other electrics, heating, and furniture.

Is your van right for a campervan?

The first step is to determine what kind of van you are looking for. Once you figure out your needs, you should be able to determine if your van is best for what you are hoping to achieve.

What if you want to sell your campervan later?

The hardest part of selling your campervan is likely to be not wanting to let it go. Other than that, you shouldn’t have too much of a hard time finding someone who wants it. Once you have fixed anything broken and given the van a good scrub both inside and outside, you’ll be good to go.